Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Windows 10 Activation

Welcome to our new website! Here you can find all the news and information regarding windows 10 activation process and support for kmspico tools. You can learn how these tools work and how they find windows 10 week spots. This can be helpful in patching software which are using similar activation methods as windows 8/10. For this purpose most popular tool is kmspico activator and later on we are discussing a new ways to activate your windows computers with this loader. As you know from articles and forum threads windows 10 activation is kinda similar to windows 8 activation and this led kmspico team to create an universal windows 10 activator which by the way can activate windows 8 and even ms office too. Last news about official and legit windows activation process was that Microsoft decided to give limited time for the users to upgrade  “free” versions until 2016 July 29th. But this offer expired so we discuss methods which helps our readers to activate their windows 10 permanently.

Activation for Students

If you are student like from a  harward university or any other university or college please check with your authorities if they can provide you a free windows OS copy. Because some teaching places allowed to do so and have special budgets related to this matter. Simply go to authorities and ask for a windows 10 license for students and see if they can get what you want. After that you just go to your device -> my computer icon and go to the properties and there you will find an activation form. Enter that windows 10 serial you got from for example university and your windows will be activated. That’s it now you can enjoy yours fully activated windows 10.

Kmspico Activation Tool

BEWARE: This tool is created to demonstrate how activation mechanism works and how to bypass it. Also to help users activate windows pc’s when they have accidentally lost their windows 10 license.

KMSpico activation tool is working fine with all computer motherboard models and BIOS so you won’t have any problems activating Windows 8/10 OS + MS Office or extending trial period for the licenses. We can say that this loader is clearly the best option available today to activate windows operating systems and office tools. Also this windows 10 loader supports automatic updates so you will be safe in the future too. Remember YOU are responsible how you use this software or break any laws depending on where you are living! We guarantee software is fully working and it is up to you how you are going to use it.

If you like microsoft software buy it and support developers!

Instructions how to use Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

To Download Windows 10 Loader Press the Button Below

Newest version of KMS Activator is v10.2.0 Final! 

We  will be updating this website constantly as soon as new windows loader come out you will find it here. We hope you enjoy using this activation tool and you won’t forget to like our facebook page and subscribe to youtube channel! If you find higher version of KMS tool than on our site it’s 100% not working. As we said the newest windows loader version will always be here! Also remember just after installation don’t update your windows computers but first use this loader so it can activate your operating systems and after that you can download all updates. Microsoft could release security updates to catch kmspico activator but there are added some security measures to keep you all safe! Worst case scenario you have to download this activator again. There are some instructions our friend made for you to learn how to use this windows loader so enjoy!

File     : KMSpico_setup.exe
Size     : 3,08 MB
CRC32    : 683a3351
MD5      : a02164371a50c5ff9fa2870ef6e8cfa3
SHA1     : 060614723f8375ecaad8b249ff07e3be082d7f25

Note that file size is only for setup.exe only. Remember that your are also downloading portable version too which doesn’t require any setup so the file size as a whole download will be bigger. Some users note that so we are just clearing up the air. Also hash checker also can be found on our sites Useful Software section.  Good Luck!

computer after windows activation

computer after windows activation

If you have any problems with this windows 10 kms activator you can contact us any time! Also check out this article from PC World so maybe you didn’t even need windows 10 upgrade.

For contacting us use contact form or try commenting below this post. This way you will get faster response. team

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  1. Leich says:

    Does this way of activating have any disadvantage over upgrading from windows 7 with Daz activator?

  2. ahmed says:

    Thank you for your efforts

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    good job

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    hi it is great to get win 10 loader!

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    thank you so much! it has worked automatically when i downloaded the v10.1.8 version, and i found it fantastic. thank you so much again! one last thing to ask, for how long will it stay activated without interuption? and what about contacting microsoft for updates and other services, will i face a problem or will microsoft deny me the prrvileges?

  9. razor says:

    thanks man activator worked great! i had problem after upgrading from windows 7 that my windows were without serial key somehow..

  10. alaom says:

    its good

  11. fish says:

    hello there! could you please help me with this kms activater installation? i have recentely downloaded your activater file(KMSPico 10.0.9.exe) to activate my win10, but its giving an error message saying- “Network error(-2146697211) encountered, install aborted.” what should i do? if you should know i didnt download the file on my laptop, i downloaded it on my cellphpne and copied to my computer. i look forward for your reply. thanks!

  12. windows10 says:

    ok worked on win 10 x64 does it work for all versions?

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    de lo mejor o si

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    thank you

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    is good for ME

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    Will it work on win10, Threshold 2?

  18. nulled says:

    Legit a little bit tricky download but working fine after upgrade somehow i didn’t have an activated win 10 maybe because i installed them from flash but this tool did the trick. Thanks

  19. Nicko says:

    Das is good, working just fine activated w7 x64 but had to download new version of windows..

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    thank”s very much

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    Muito maneiro

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    ok this activator working fine activated windows 10 but after some time decided to go back to windows 7 i’m not seeing big improvements in windows 10..

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