Requirements to run Windows 10 Loader:

.NET 4.0 or Windows 10.

This loader can activate:

Windows Vista Bussines and Enterprise editions.

Windows 7 Professional and enterprise editions.

Windows 8 all editions.

Windows 8.1 all editions.

Office 2010 and 2013

Windows Server 2008 and 2008R2 builds

Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2 builds

Windows 10 All edition including technical preview.


  1. Run KMSpico_setup.exe
  2. Install the loader.
  3. (Optional)  you can create a backup of tokens with button “Create”.
  4. Press red button to start activation process.
  5. Wait until process is finished and you are done.
  6. Be happy using our windows 10 activator KMS!

Questions & Answers:

Windows System Updates
Q: Can i use windows updates  after using your loader?
A: Yes you can fully update your system if anything changes we will write here or on our first page.

SmartScreen Problems!
Q: The smart-screen turned gray, god save all of us, kmspico loader broke my pc :(
A: Why you even use such thing.., just install EnableSmartScreen it's the reg file in our scripts folder.

Permanent Activation
Q: Is this a permanent activation solution?
A: Windows 7,8,8.1,10 will be automatically reactivated if something happens so the answer is YES!

Pro WMC/Core
Q: It is shown that it will have a trial of 30 days or 45 days.. 
A: Currently there is no solution to activate ProWMC/Core fully. Only with our emulator you can activate it for 30 days - Windows 8 and 45 days - Windows 8.1 and do it for many times.

Virus Problems
Q: My antivirus software found virus etc.
A: It's clearly microsoft added our tool to blacklist so it's really false possitives. Test on virtual box if you not sure.. 

On-line or Off-line activation?
Q: Do i need an internet connection to get this windows 10 loader working?
A: No you don't.

Firewall Problems
Q: Firewall don't let application to start
A: Give exceptions in the firewall to our app.

Tried everything nothing works
Q: Damn you KMS team! 
A: Please, just do a fresh install of your windows there could be millions of problems why it doesn't work.

Watermark issues
Q: Windows are activated but the watermark is still showing on the screen!
A: Try rebooting your pc a few times.

What to do if i have legit office activation.
Q: I have original office license but my windows are not activated does it interfere with my office activation?
A: The activator can detect if you have a license key and leave it alone if everything is working so you are safe!
Where to find Log files
Q: Where can i find log of this loader?
A: You can find the log files in: Program Files -> KMSpico -> logs or wherever you installed it.

2 comments on “FAQ
  1. Brenda Buhl says:

    I am afraid to install windows 10 ..What will happen if i choose not to install windows 10 and stick to 8.1 ..all i do is play games on my lap top. and email with yahoo. HOW WILL THIS AFFECT FACEBOOK?

    • windows10 says:

      nothing to worry windows 10 will run games same or better than win 8, email and facebook has nothing to do with windows version..

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